Q&A with the Girls from B'Cause

Last month we got the chance to collaborate with some amazing women led brands on our most favorite photo shoot to date. We fell so in love with new up & coming brand B'Cause not just because of their inspiring designs, but B'Cause they are the most adorable sister act; not to mention our belts & their clothing were a match made in heaven! We sat down with the sisters, Bridgette Sanossian & Brittney Osborne to talk all things girly.

Do check them out at www.bcauseyoucan.com

What is the inspiration behind the B'Cause collection?
We are both film majors, so our hearts are deep rooted in feminine fashions from a bygone era. Really, our designs are inspired by pieces we dreamt up, but could never find in stores! Especially the quality & versatility — when can you find pockets in dresses that your phone or lipstick could safely stay in??? A definite necessity for the gal on the go!
Who is the B'Cause girl?
Anyone reading this! We design to armor all women in confidence and love. 
Favorite destinations?
Bridgette: Maui, Kapalua + Greece, Santorini 
Brittney: Malibu & Italy
Jennifer Lawrence hands down. She is the ultimate vibe & full of personality - unafraid of being her true self, smart, witty & hard-working.
Five must have essentials in a B'Cause closet?
Jumpsuit, Bodysuit, Blazer, Trouser, Sweater Dress
Family affair, what is it like working alongside your sibling?
The most challenging part is creating separation from family & work life - it’s so important to have that balance to maintain a strong sister bond and also a respectful working relationship. The best parts about working together is this unspoken underlying sense of trust. We have each other’s back no matter what. Not to mention, we are literally always on the same wavelength — sister frequency is a real thing. Scary for our hubbies! LOL!
Plans for the future?
Whatever the big Man upstairs has for us! Right now, make more timeless collections for women to feel great about themselves!
Lastly, favorite Lovestrength belt?
Bridgette: Chloe! I love how you can wrap it - best shape & quality!
Brittney: Absolutely adore my Wylie belt in natural - it’s so simple & chic!
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